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Loss of hair and baldness is common for both males and females. Below are the services we provide at Pioneer Hair Care Clinic.


Hair-Stimulating Medications: We have various worldwide accepted medicines to stimulate the hair growth and diet modification for preventing hair fall and hair growth.


Hair Surgery: We perform hair surgery for baldness. Its the only successful treatment for baldness. We deliver a latest art of hair transplantation which is accepted worldwide. We perform FUT procedure, follicular unit hair transplant. This procedure is safe and effective. No side effects and complications, since procedure is done under local anesthesia. Patient can drive back home on his own.


Maxillofacial surgery:  Maxillofacial surgery is a upcoming branch in India. Common man never heard about a maxillofacial surgeon, because, this is branch is a unique branch where surgeon is trained in all surgeries in the head, neck and oral cavity.  It includes pathology, trauma, oral oncology and cosmetic surgeries of head and neck. face profile surgeries like orthognathic surgeries exclusively done by a maxillofacial surgeon.


Hair Transplant Bangalore Hair Transplant Bangalore Hair Transplant Bangalore




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