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I am Dr Ravi Kumar, I underwent HT at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Center by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. I am very comfortable during and after proceedure. Absolutely no pain. At donor site during harvet too, there was no pain and also during implantation. I am very comfortable now. Now its 7 months and I am happy / satisfied with the proceedure. All my medical fraternity friends were surprised to see my results.

Dr Ravi Kumar ( Real name displayed with prior permission )
[General & Laprascopic Surgeon]

20th April 2012 - Bangalore - India.




I underwent hair transplant surgery at PioneerAdvanced Hair Transplant Centre on 24th May 2011 (first session) and 04 June 2012 (second session) with 2500 and 2290 grafts respectively. Pioneer is the most excellent HairTransplant Centerin India.They gave me the new look in my life.

I got very good results in first session with good coverage and growth in front. Now I came for second session to cover the crown/vertex region.
I have large bald area with big size of head. First time it was FUT and second time it was FUT + FUE combi technique ( parallely at same time ).

They provided complete information before transplant and I am very comfortable through-out the proceedure.No pain during the proceedure and No complications.

No word to express. I am so happy. The doctor Mr. Sridhar Reddy is very nice guy, and the whole team is very supported to me. Once again many thanks to Dr. Reddy. He is the best and simply superb.

My Overall satisfaction level (Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 asbest) is 10 out of 10

S. Sri Ganesh ( Real name displayed with prior permission ).

GSoft-Tech (Epub and Data conversion) – proprietor
15-June-2012 - Pondicherry - India.



I have undergone hair transplant surgery at your Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre on 12th Oct 2011 with 2500 grafts.

The process from arriving at the facility, procedure and post care was very well supported and executed by friendly staff. They were always available and provided responses timely and hence reducing the stress involved in the process.

Their answers were real and were not false or made up to please the customer.

I selected Sridhar Reddy because he is a surgeon and felt comfortable going under the knife even though the procedure is considered not a major surgery

I am in 6th month of after my procedure and seen good growth on transplanted areas and hopeful it will yield better results in the month ahead. This is one of the best decision for me and appreciate all the support and help provided by Sridhar Reddy’s well qualified team

SHYAM ( Name changed as per patient's request )

System Development Director
14th Mar 2012, USA



I have underwent hair transplant surgery at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre on 09/03/2011 with 2200 grafts.

I had a lot of concerns before and after the surgery which were addressed by Dr Reddy and his staff with ut-most patience. Thanks a lot Pioneer for being patient.

You might find this testimonial a bit funny. After the transplant, I used to spend most of the time infront of mirror. I was scared before the surgery but was even more worried about the results after the surgery. But trust me everything just went fine. No complications and no scars at all. I am satisfied with the results. Initially, I faced few problems while sleeping with back of the head on pillow. But everything was ok after a week. For first 3 weeks after the surgery, I called up the clinic almost everyday and spoke to the staff members regarding my concerns. But all my concerns were useless and baseless. I just religiously followed the post surgery instructions given by the docitor and the staff.

Overall satisfaction level (Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as best) - 10

SACHIN * ( Original name displayed with prior authorization )

Software Engineer
10th Mar 2012, Yamunanagar-Haryana / India



Dr Sreedhar Reddy

I Underwent HT on 19.09.2011 with 3000 grafts

Taking up this process I was not sure if it was going to be successful but after 9 months the feedback i get from the people, make me 100% sure that it has been a great success and i thank you for giving me my confidence back


Name : D'souza ( Name changed as per patient's request )
Profession : Sea Man ( Sailor )


Dear Doctor,

I am from salem, done FUT 2 sessions on Dec-2010 2000 grafts and Sep-2011 2000 grafts, the hair growth is awesome and I am having a very dense hair in the transplanted area, I am very thank full to you and your team for making me happy.


Profession: Software Engineer


I underwent hair transplant at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Center on 19th August 2011 with over 2500 grafts. The overall proceedure is comfortable and I got my transplanted hair growing between 4/6 months after surgery. I am very much happy and got back my confidense.

Surender  ( Name changed as per patient's request )
28 years
Govt Official, Yadagiri



I got my hair transplant done on 24th April 2011 with 2400 grafts
Got complete information before the proceedure and am comfortable throughout the proceedure. No pain during the proceedureand my hair growth started between 6 to 9 months after transplant. My overall satisfaction level is 8 out of 10 when pioneer asked me to rate their services.

Naresh ( Name changed as per patient's request )
29 Years
IT Specialist.
Date: 11th May 2012.




I had my hair transplant on 14th Jan 2012 with 800 grafts. I underwent 3 surgeries and my facial looks have completely changed. I am completely satisfied with the transplantation and would recomment others if they are planning to My hair started growing between 3/4 months after transplant. The procedure is very comfortable. When I was asked to rate the services, I was happy to give 10/10.

Ajay ( Name changed as per patient's request )
29 Years
Software Engineer
12th May 2012, Bangalore




I I have underwent hair transplant surgery at your Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre on 23/12/2011 with 3400 grafts.

I would like to share my experience i had with Pioneer. Initially, i was looking out for an option to get HT procedure done, i was never convinced about any clinics/doc i had visited nor i had any confidence that how it might look after spending so much of money. Finally i came to know about pioneer through google search. Read through their web site, saw various pictures posted before and after transplants. This made me to schedule a visit to pioneer clinic. Appointment was given to my convient time.

When i had a discussion with Dr Sreedhar reddy, he explained me the practical part of hair transplant and dint make any false promises. He explained what best can be done by looking at my existing hair. This made me to understand the reality of hair transplant and set right expectation. Also, once appointment was done, he never forced me or asked me when i will visit him next. He asked me to come whenever i decide. This is when i sarted considering pioneer as my best choice. Then to strengthen my decision and to establish trust with the doctor, i had N number of questions and sent it to their mail ID and i got answers to ALL of my questions very quickly. All answers convinced me to proceed further and get HT procudure date fixed.

On procedure day, entire process was carried out as explained previously by doctor. There was no deviation in what was told versus what was done and procedure lasted for 6 hours. Through out the procedure, i had no problems with the clinic staff as well. All were co-operative and modest.

After explaining Post operative care, instructions were also given in a document.  After going home, i had a pain and doc had also indicated that i will be having some pain for 2-3 days. So i had to wait for 3 days, as told by doc, pain gradully decreased and i started feeling better from 3rd day onwards. First 15 days post operation was VERY importatnt and i was instructed to be very sensitive while cleaning my hair carefully without disturbing implanted grafts.

Right now i am in the 6th month of my surgery. As doc had said, hair growth started after 3 months. so far i am happy with the progress i am seeing with my hair growth. I also got positive comments from my relatives and friends about significant change in hair growth. So i thank Dr Sreedhar Reddy and pioneer and wish them all the best for all future surgeries. Anyone who comes to me for a suggestions on hair transplant, i would definitely point them to Pioneer.

Kiran Subramanya * ( Original name displayed with prior approvals )
Date: 11 June 2012 - Tamilnadu




I underwent hair transplant surgery in September 2010 with 2500 grafts.

I was little nervous while going for it but I was given good assurance by Pioneer team who coordinated the arrangements. I found Dr Reddy to be helpful and he patiently answered all my questions.

Almost 2 years from then, today when I look back I feel as it was one of the best decisions I took. My results have been so encouraging that I am planning to go for another session in a few months time.

Mr Amitabh ( Name changed ).
CEO - IT Company - India - Lucknow

22nd May 2012, Uttar Pradesh. 



I really dont know how to write a testimonial, but will try to express my views on my experience with Pioneer. It will be lengthy, please bear with me. I am basically from Bangalore. I have visited almost 5 clinics in India and about 2 in USA prior to selecting PIONEER HAIR CARE. Some clinics portray 100 transplants, some say 1000 transplants. Some clinics say they have equipment worth 10 Million latest from USA. Some clinics keep some celebrity photograph and try to attract me. Some guys offer 60/- INR per and some offer for 20/- INR per graft. I was really confused in selecting a best clinic in India/USA as it will be the decision for a life-time.

It took almost 1 year for me to make a decision. Then I met a doctor in a health center in USA. I got a chance to meet him accidentally when I went to this health center for a borken leg (ligament injury). I got close to this doctor as he was an Indian. There I came to know that he himself got the hair transplant from India. Surprisingly it was from Bangalore. I simply loved the work done by Pioneer to my new friend (doctor) which was very natural and clean. When doctors themselves choosen Pioneer for their HT then my impression on Pioneer grow better and was positive. This commercial AD strike in my mind when I was thinking about choosing Pioneer "When dentists themselves suggest and use Oral-B and Colgate, why not I use them :) ?"

After the initial conversation with Pioneer representative, I spoke to Dr. Reddy. He received me very courteously and cleared my pending doubts and I made a decision to choose Pioneer for my HT. I booked my slot by online transfer of token amount and booked a date.

I love Sachin, he is God. He has more than 35 one day centuries and tremendous record which will take ages for others to get closer. But here comes Dhoni who is performing consistently too good and captaning us. We cannot compare Sachin with Dhoni. Both are the best. There are other guys in our team who come and go. Those are one day wonders or a series wonders and cannot be seen after that. My vote will be for Dhoni. Why I am saying all these, Yes, the reason for choosing pioneer is the same. These guys seems to have completed more than 200 to 300 transplants in the past 3 years, they are delivering very quality work and very very good results. I beleive any surgeon who performs more than 200 HTs is good and can be relied on. It really does'nt matter whether its 200 HTs or 1000 HTs, anything above 150 HTs will be a good stuff for good experience.

Coming back to my HT, the moment I landed in India, the cab was ready at airport ( arranged by Pioneer ). The cab driver dropped me at a serviced apartment in the middle of the city. The best place in Bangalore. I was provided with all the facilities like free wireless WiFi internet, A/C room with service, swimming pool, jogging park and all. I loved the place. The next day I was picked by Pioneer Cab driver and I went to Dr. Reddy's hospital by 6:30 AM. Transplant process started at 7:00 AM and it was done by afternoon 1:00 PM and the cab driver dropped me at my room. It was so smooth, I mean the whole process and I really did'nt see the time had passed. The next day I was asked to meet Dr. Reddy for check-up and bandage removal. The bandage is removed and I was asked to get the stiches removed in USA on 10th or 11th day once I return back to NY. I was asked to keep in touch with Pioneer and update them on the status via emails. I was told that the grafts will fall from shaft level in three to four weeks and the actual roots will take nutrition for about 70 to 80 days and start growing from 4th to 5th month.

I returned back to USA on the second day of transplant and now its 5th month and I got my hair back. Initially I thought it will be a alein work to get a HT and I wasted more than 1 year to get this done. Now I am very happy person. Thanks to Dr. Reddy and his team. Thanks doctor from the bottom of my heart, you changed my lifestyle. I am a new person altogether and got my confidence back. Getting married this year.

SANJAY (Name changed)

28 Years

IT Professional




One of my friend visited India for a business trip in Aug 2007. She is serving as a Manager at a highly reputed MNC in US. She had serious hair loss & very much depressed due to this and we were searching for a clinic in India who can help her and restore her hair. We came across Pioneer Hair Transplant Clinic and met Dr. Sreedhar Reddy. After consulting the doctor we were very much comfortable. She returned back to USA and enquired with almost all the other local US clinics and Indian clinics who perform Hair Transplantation. We could not find a better service and guarantee which Pioneer was offering. She returned back to India in Jan 2008 and got the transplant @ Pioneer Hair Transplant clinic - Bangalore. The whole transplant process was absolutely painless and made simple. We returned back to our home the same day after the transplant. She got back to normal work the next day. Only some minor precautions and care was taken for two weeks and it was normal after that. She got her hair growth in just 4 months and now she is very much comfortable and confident.

Dr. Sreedhar, Thank you very much for your help and we could not find such a young dynamic and highly skilled / experienced doctor elsewhere for Hair Transplantation. Thank you again.


30 Years

Software Engineer

* ( Original name displayed here with prior authorization ) 



Hi I am Bharathi. 33 years Homemaker first when Dr. Sreedhar told me about surgical hair transplant. I was reluctant but the thought that it will make me look beautiful made me go for it. When I first stepped into the clinic my first impression  was that it was neat & tidy Dr. Sreedhar is a very warm, caring & lively person which makes you feel at care & makes you forget  all the pain

Even his assistants are very caring . The whole procedure took around 4 hours & the surgery wasn't very painful. It was bearable. But then no  pain. no gain . Even the cost is very reasonable. And finally 5 months after the surgery. I am happy that I went for it because when I look at myself in the mirror now it feels good!

Just want to say one thing "Thank you Dr. Sreedhar"


33 Years



* ( Original name displayed here with prior authorization )




I was completely bald until a year ago. due to baldness i had lost my good looks and i had gone into depression. i had lost all hopes on recovering my hair until i heard about Pioneer hair transplant centre run by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. The doctor himself explained the transplant procedure to me in great detail and aslo gave me good counseling on my fear of surgeries. the entire surgery procedure is shockingly simple and Dr Sreedhar Reddy is an excellent young surgeon. i am greatly thankful to the doctor and i am totally satisfied with the result. simply i can say he gave me life.


24 Years

Police constable


* ( Original name displayed here with prior authorization )




I  underwent hair transplantation in the month of May 07. Dr Sreedhar has done an excellent job and i am fully satisfied with the result. the process is very simple and post operative care is very comfortable and price for the entire process is very reasonable when compare to other doctors elsewhere.


52 Years

10-Jan-2008, Charted Accountant, BTM, Bangalore 

* ( Original name displayed here with prior authorization )



Baldness had consumed my head at an early age of twenties, so i was desperate to get my hair back. i had tried a lot of medicines and consulted a number of doctors with no avail. then i heard about a permanent solution for baldness ie hair transplantation and only competent doctor to successfully operate in Bangalore is Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. so i finally decided to go for hair transplantation treatment. i had my procedure in DEC 07 and today i am very happy with the result as i do not have baldness anymore. my hair grows naturally and i even visit my barber regularly for hair cuts.

NAGARAJ ( Name changed )

35 Years 



I underwent hair transplant surgery, performed by Dr Sreedhar Reddy pothula and team. the only fear i had was of pain and other complications that are usually attached with surgeries. but during my surgery i was completely comfortable and the pain was absolutely minimum. i am very happy with the way my hair grown back and until date i have had no other side effects or any discomfort. i thank Dr sreedhar reddy immensely for his efforts and excellent work.

General Surgeon


* ( Original name displayed here with prior authorization )





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