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We offer 1500 to >4000 graft transplantation at lowest prices in India with world class edge-technology and quality


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Why Pioneer : ( PRICING details given at the end of this page )

How Pioneer has edge over other HT clinics



  • Provided services for more than 2000 cases.
  • Diverse knowledge & skill set providing Combi, Hybrid, Hybrid Plus along with FUT, FUE with BHT.
  • Highly dedicated team, backed with innovative research and rich exceptional and vast experience with over many years.
  • Passionate about work, professional and result oriented approach with personalized supervision for each and every case.
  • Clearly understands every patient's requirements and provides customized and unique HT plans as per their facial aesthetics.
  • Twilight anesthesia with minimal or negligible pain.
  • Trichophytic closure for better closure with minimal or negligible scar.



Pioneer Hair Clinic is well equipped with latest class of art imported equipment and super specialty services. Pioneer achieved exceptional clinical success rates which is par ahead when compared to the best in the world.




Services for International Clients


Pioneer Hair Clinic regularly provide services to international clients and we have specific protocols for international customers and the process is well established and well organized.

Specialty Clinic with Classic Ambience / Guest house and other facilities:

Pioneer Hair Clinic is operated from the super specialty hospital with classic ambience and hygienic. We have guest house facility attached to our services with landscape garden and swimming pool and 24/7 high end security in the heart of the city. We have Pick-up and drop facilities from Airport to Guest house and clinic ( A/C Cab services are utilized for this ).



Transparent charges and accountable:

FUT: 40/- INR (males) & 50/- INR (females) per graft for HT procedure

FUE Combi: 60/- INR (males) & 70/- INR (females) per graft for HT procedure ( Combination with FUT )


FUE alone: 100/- INR (males) & 120/- INR (females) per graft for HT procedure ( Exclusive FUE )

Additional Expenditure:


2500/- INR Anaesthetist charges.

1200/- INR  to 1400/- INR for Medical Test. ( You can get this test done anywhere in the world )

400/- INR for bandage charges ( You need to buy bandage and deposit in our clinic )

500/- INR (approx) for the Medicines which need to be used for first 1 week after HT.

800/- INR per month (approx) for the Medicines from 12th day of HT to 4 months post HT.


* Important Note:

All hair transplant surgeries are cosmetic surgeries and it would attract service tax of 12.36 % which is extra.

Accomodation For Out-Station Cases:

* 1200/- INR per day for Economy Budget Hotel Room ( Optional ).*


* 1800/- INR per day for Guest House Facility ( Optional ).*

* 2800/- to 3300 INR per day for accomodation at reputed Inns ( Optional ).*

* 4000 to 6000/- INR per day for accomodation at 3 / 4 Star Hotels ( Optional ).*

* 9000/- INR approximately per day for accomodation at 5 Star Hotels ( Optional ).*

* 17,000/- INR approximately per day for accomodation at 7 Star Hotels ( Optional ).*

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